Here you will find an overview of the geological expertise we offer.


Sinkhole Activity and Subsidence Risk

Britannia Solutions LLC is a recognized expert in Florida's sinkholes, sinkhole activity and the mechanisms and processes that lead to property damage due to ground movement. We also have experience of other ground subsidence and/or ground movement issues related to problematic soil conditions (such as organics, debris/fill, clay soils, etc.), groundwater, underground structures, mineworkings and mineshafts. If the ground is a problem, we can find out why.


Ground Investigation and Ground Risk Management

It is essential to understand the risks that the ground and groundwater conditions at a property can pose before embarking upon any development or construction project. Costs associated with unforeseen ground conditions during construction can exceed the price of a ground investigation by several orders of magnitude. Through sister company IDGS, LLC, we own and operate drilling and testing equipment. We can help!


Expert Witness

David Wilshaw M.S., P.G. is a seasoned Expert Geologist who has testified at jury trial over 40 times. Find out more.


Neutral Evaluation

David Wilshaw M.S., P.G. has been certified as a Neutral Evaluator of Disputed Sinkhole Insurance Claims by the State of Florida since 2011. Read about the Neutral Evaluation program here.

Other Services

Other Geological Services

We will gladly provide you with consultations regarding:

  •  Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  •  Slope Stability and Landslide Assessments
  •  Geophysical Surveys
  •  Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring
  •  In-situ Testing
  •  Groundwater Control and Dewatering

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