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Since obtaining his Masters Degree in Foundation Engineering in 1987, David Wilshaw’s professional experience has been in the practice of Engineering Geology. As specialists in geology, engineering geologists generally possess expertise in applying the knowledge of defining and specifying how earth materials, processes, and structure may affect the built and natural environments.

How does this specialist training and experience translate to everyday life? The Engineering Geologist has the responsibility of advising and guiding land developers, architects, civil engineers, structural engineers and contractors on the way in which the ground is likely to behave in response to construction either above or below the ground surface.
Similarly, when buildings and/or infrastructure do not perform as intended, this can often be due to problems below ground, so the Engineering Geologist will explore and assess the ground and assist the engineers in designing a remedial repair. 
David Wilshaw started his career in the United Kingdom and spent 16 years there as a practising Engineering Geologist. He worked on a variety of projects, ranging from single family residences to nuclear power plants, and experienced an enormous variety of different geological conditions due to the United Kingdom's almost complete stratigraphic record. He moved to California in 2003, working as geologist assessing landslide risk in a seismically active area, before moving to Florida in 2004. Since moving to Florida, he has remained within the geotechnical field, assessing ground conditions for both major amd minor construction projects throughout Florida and the Bahamas, in addition to providing consulting advice relating to ground failures throughout the United States.


David Wilshaw M.S., P.G. CV
Lists qualifications, employment history and details of a few representative projects.
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